Religion Part I: Disavowed

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  1. One of your first comments to me when you found that I was retired Clergy was that you looked forward to a discussion with me on religion. So am I…even more so after reading this first blog. I am looking forward to the rest of your thinking before having this discussion. On the other hand, I need to tell you that if I had read this blog when I was in seminary my thoughts would have been very different than they are now. Looking forward to sharing with you my faith journey. And I want to say, that so far…I don’t see that we’re so far apart…or even if we are…
    Grandma Browning

  1. March 20, 2015

    […] Before this section, please read Religion Part I: Disavowed. […]

  2. March 27, 2015

    […] read Part I and Part II before this one if you haven’t […]

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