The 13th Attempt

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  1. Oh my dear Jo,
    As I read this it seems to me that you are going through something right now similar to a divorce. So many of the same feelings but give it time..time…time. Embrace the good things that Joe has given you; the knowledge that Joe has given you. There are undoubtedly things in Joe’s life that Jo needs to let go of in order to be the confident woman she can be. Can you still remain friends with Joe and yet be your own person of Jo? Of course you can. This is just your grandma’s perspective on this blog. Love you to the moon and back.

    Grandma Browning

  2. I echo Grandma’s thoughts and have one more other than the ones we shared last night.

    Regrading feeling like a failure for needing so much help. I am familiar with that feeling. When my body betrayed me with the cancer I needed a lot of help. So many people where there for me. The true failure is not recognizing you need help or recognizing you need help but not accepting it. Accept the help when you need it, even if it is a lot, then turn around and give it to someone else(you do this a lot already). That is what I have tried to do. I am so glad you allowed me into your life to give and get help, love and be love, accept and be accepted. As you told me when I said I was fearful my cancer would come back. “If it does we will deal with it together.” Joe is not a disease, let him help Jo the most. Although we sometimes talk about Joe and Jo, I honestly believe that they will meld together soon as Jo gets stronger and knows she won’t be snuffed out by masculinity. Be ready for a long hold when I see you next weekend. Better Days Are Coming! I love you.

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